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Please enjoy the blessings of Sanin in with the chief chef's dish to your heart's content.

It is a delicacy for the local fresh mountain delicacies and dishes made with plenty of seafood.
Enjoy the views of nature from the large windows and the food of the chief chef.
  • Restaurant "Fuka"

    • Gotsu City lot of menus using local ingredients such as brand meat "maruhime pork" of Gotsu City are also available.

      The restaurant is available to guests and guests for lunch and dinner.
      Shimane Wagyu-donated Otake Menu and special daily lunches are also popular.
      ※Menu contents may change depending on the time.

      [Regular holiday]
      Thursday, ※New Year holidays, GW, summer vacations are open every day

      [Opening Hours]
      Part of the day, 11:00 to 14:30 (LO 14:00)
      Night club, 17:00 to 21:00 (LO 20:00)
  • Kaiseki Meal (Guests for Overnight Stay)

    • 【Rosy seabass is essential】Sanin high-class fish "Rosy seabass" scheduled dinner

      ○Appetizer, Three kinds of seasonal items
      ○sashimi,  Assorted local fish
      ○Treasure, Japanese black beef shoulder roast porcelain
      ○Grilled Dish, Rosy seabass salted sea Rosy seabass off Sanin
      ○Deep-fried food, Hamada production true Blowfish Tatsuta fried
      ○Lid, Reiko Kamo
      ○Meal, Lingering rice
      ○juice,  Rosy seabass soup Rosy seabass
      ○Pickled Vegetables, Buffet
      ○Sweets, Coffee Jelly Rum Raisin Ice

      ※Menu varies according to the season.
    • 【Breakfast, Japanese-style rice bowl】 An overnight dried conger is great.

      ○Grilled Dish, Sanin Aniko overnight
      ○Feature, cold tofu(Simmered tofu), ※It changes with the season
      ○Prosperity, Squid sashimi
           Rolled egg
           Raw vegetables
           Gotsu specialty Daikokuten
           Hamada specialty red sky
           Plum blossom
           Pickled kelp
      ○Meal, Sakurae Koshihikari
      ○Soup, Lake Shinji miso soup

      ※Menu varies according to the season.
  • One-day banquet

    The group welcome party day-trip banquet plan is a special content with the chief chef's multi-course dinner, a Kazenokuni Onsen bathing ticket, and a towel attached.
    It has been used well by various groups such as neighborhood association, senile association, women's association, company gatherings and hobby group friends.

    Please contact us at least 5 days in advance for banquet reservations.

    ※Kazenokuni Onsen bathing, towel are attached to all plan.

    The multi-course meal menu is an image.
    The contents vary depending on the purchase status and season.
    Please contact the Kazenokuni for details.
    • Rosy seabass banquet dinner plan
      Sanin is an upscale banquet menu featuring Sanin specialties and white Toro "Rosy seabass".
      • Rosy seabass and Japanese seafood, Kaiseki cuisine plan

    • Rosy seabass tiled banquet dinner plan Rosy seabass Princess
      Sanin is a luxury banquet dishes menu where you can enjoy the Gotsu City brand brand pork belly princess pork grilled with Ishishu tile on the Rosy seabass and the san-in.
      • Rosy seabass and Gotsu City brand pork Maruhime pork, luxury multi-course meal plan

    • Rosy seabass tiled banquet dinner plan Rosy seabass and Shimane Wagyu beef
      Shimane Wagyu beef Ishishu tile grilled with a Rosy seabass, Kazenokuni's finest multi-course meals menu in the Kazenokuni.
      • Rosy seabass and Shimane Wagyu beef, a luxurious multi-course meal plan

    • One-day banquet, Notes
      ■We accept free transfer
       Gotsu City・Hamada City・Kawamoto Town・Former Iwami Town, ●Available from 6 people
       Hiroshima City・Masuda Station・Around Odashi Station, ●Available from 15 people
       ※Please contact other areas
       ※If you use high-speed, you will be charged a separate high-speed fee.  

       2 hours: ¥ 1,800 / 1 person (Tax excluded)

       ※All you can drink is only when using the banquet hall
       ※Free use of banquet room for 10 or more people

      ■karaoke(Unlimited singing)5,000 yen (Tax excluded)

      ■Free use of the banquet hall for 10 or more people, 9 people or less, 5,000 yen (Tax excluded)

  • Banquet option

    • Iwami Kagura business trip performance
      God Optimistic Award at the banquet is special price "20,000 yen"

       ■Performance fee, ¥ 20,000 (Special price using subsidy, usually more than 50,000 yen)
       ■Performance time, About 1 hour
       ■Performance performance, Within 1 to 2 items
       ■Group object for business trip, more than 15 people staying in Iwami area (Kazenokuni application)
       ■How to apply, please tell us your preference when booking
       ■Application deadline, 14 days before the desired date

      Please enjoy the traditional performing arts from Iwami in front of you.